4 Things You Should Always Remember When Taking Aerial Pictures

Taking photographs is an enjoyable thing to do. The most common shots are the landscape and portrait shot but there are Aerial shots that look amazing, yet it is one of the hardest pictures to take. Don’t worry. Here are some ways that can be done to make impressive aerial pictures.

1. Think about the time of the day

The timing says a lot if you are trying to take a beautiful aerial shot. The time should be perfect depending on what is the theme of your picture. Think about it of you want the sunset or the sunrise effects. It is up to you, but you should think about it carefully.

2. Don’t forget a safety tether for your equipment

If you are up on a plane, there are instances that you will have to put your camera out to be able to capture the aerial view from above. There should be no part of your camera that will fall under any circumstances. Get a safety tether before getting yourself in the plane.

3. Remove the lens hood

If you are up in the sky, there is no use for the lens hood so just take it out, for safety precautions. The air above can be strong that it can take out the lens hood in your camera. The worst part is that if it was detached to the equipment, it could cause a problem with the plane or anyone on the ground.

4. Wear gloves

It is not mandatory for a photographer to wear gloves but it is highly recommended. I’m not saying that you should just wear it in the cold places but whenever you are taking aerial shots. You should always remember that as the altitude of the plane goes up the temperature gets colder and your hands should always be protected.
If you can take note of the four things stated then you are ready to take an aerial pictorial anytime.

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