4 Effective Tips In Making A Head Shot Photo

One of the hardest shots to make is a head shot because it may seem too easy, but in reality, it’s not. A simple mistake can make the shot dull or lifeless. It shouldn’t happen because it is the kind of shot that will feature the beauty of your subject. With that being said, here are some beneficial tips if you are trying to capture a perfect head shot.

1. The camera

The choice of equipment is essential if you want to achieve a good shot at it. Do not settle for cameras with wide lenses because it will just ruin the image. A lens with a smaller f-number is preferred if you want to achieve a good shot.

2. Background

You need to choose a great background for your subject if you want to be able to capture a great head shot. The clear background is best for this kind of picture. There are just some instances whereas you can’t avoid that there are people who appear to be in the background, so the best that you can do is use a blurring effect.

3. Facial expression of the subject

It is a crucial factor if you want to get the best head shot. At the end of the day, your subject should be the star of the photograph. You can ask the subject to smile without showing a lot of teeth while their chin is a little bit inclined upwards to avoid getting a fat face.

4. Composition

A head shot picture doesn’t mean your subject should pose stiff as if they are trying to pose for a passport picture. You should incorporate more asymmetrical stance or poses to create a different dimension on the pictures.

If these ways can be followed, there is no way that you can fail a head shot. It is one of the best shots that can be captured if done the right way.